Paran Women Group July 2021 Newsletter

PARAN WOMEN GROUP is an umbrella body of indigenous women who joined together
to address different challenges faced by women and community at large. The umbrella is spread
across four sub-counties of Narok; Narok South, North, West, Transmara and some part of Bomet
It was formed in 2005 and consists of 64 women groups with about 3000 members. The groups
are self-organized and self-created with the aim of empowering and advancing indigenous women
Our mission is to uplift women economically, politically and socially. We envision a society where
women have guaranteed opportunities of development that enables exercise their right to
education, health, livelihood and social security.
Our objective is to work on various issues like climate change, rights and wealth since as
indigenous women we are the primary custodians and holders of traditional knowledge of our lands
and natural resources in defense of mother earth.
Paran has been working on protecting and conserving their lands from harsh impacts of climate
Paran inhabit Ololulung’a region in Narok county which hosts the MAU forest in KENYA which
is the largest water tower. In our work one of our major impact in entire country/Africa are a
variety of key areas including mobilizing women to compact the severe impacts of climate change,
our efforts have had a multidimensional impact in areas of human rights, indigenous rights
education and especially environmental conservation which as in many other rural areas in the
south has become a major issue. Our main target groups are indigenous women; however, its other
secondary targets have been the primary /secondary schools in our local jurisdiction area where
we carry out environmental education.


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