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Paran Women Group is an Indigenous women group collective passionate about long-term solutions and ripple-effect project results . It was formed by indigenous women  as a Community Based  organization (CBO) and was legally registered in July 2005. Paran is located in Ololunga, Narok south sub county in Narok County a village that inhabited by a population of approximately 60,000 residents of which its membership of 305 spans among the indigenous women and youth hail from.

Tree planting at Olosiyoi primary,Narok county

Our Projects and Activities


Paran women doing sustainable agriculture to ensure food security #climatechange.


This is a major source of income to the women at the centre.We bead the coomon maasai designs

Enviromental Conservation

We observe the conservation of enviroment and biodiversity majorly by planting treess and educating both young and old people on the importance of biodiversity.


An inspiring environmental restoration initiative of Mau Forest, one of Kenya’s critical water towers  is underway, spearheaded by the Paran women group. This dedicated collective of Indigenous women has committed themselves to the revitalization of their native lands, which are crucial not only for their communities but for the ecological health of the entire Rift Valley region.Their efforts are supported by TerraMatch, a platform linking reforestation projects with funders, under the larger umbrella of the AFR100 initiative.The activities of the Paran women group are multifaceted, ranging from reforestation to educating the local community about sustainable land use practices. By planting trees, they not only restore the degraded land but also create a buffer that helps protect the intact areas of the forest. These efforts are instrumental in preserving the biodiversity of the region, which includes numerous species of flora and fauna unique to the area.

World Resource Institute, and One Tree Planted are our our  partners in this initiative of restoring Mau Forest

2024 International Women’s Day Celebrations

Over 110 Women from 13 women  groups at  Paran resource and knowledge centers celebrating Womens day.It is a great opportunity where  different groups are linking to  learn and share development ideas from each other.

Indigenous women and local communities on scaling up of Afforestation,reforestation and landscape restoration.With the support of UNDP,we are working on this project as one of the measures we are taking as Indigenous women to mitigate the climate change which has greatly affected us as women

2023 International Women's Day

16 Days of Activism 2022 Campaign

Mazungumzo kuhusu mabadiliko ya hali ya anga yanapoendelea kwenye mkutano wa kimataifa wa COP28 mjini Dubai, siku maalum imetengwa kuangazia jukumu la kijinsia katika kudhibiti athari za mabadiliko ya tabianchi. Katika siku hii, kundi la kina mama la Paran kutoka kaunti ya Narok hapa Kenya ni miongoni mwa waliotambuliwa kwa tuzo ya kipekee barani Afrika kwa juhudi zao za kulinda mazingira kutumia miti ya kiasili. Susan Ndunda alikutana nao hapa nchini na jijini Dubai na kuandaa taarifa ifuatayo.

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Paran Women’s group win climate award in COP28 for practicing climate smart agriculture.

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Here is some pertinent work by Paran Women’s Group- They seek to amplify the voices of women ad girls in the pastoral region. The project Action for strengthening women groups and communities in promoting women’s rights in Ololunga Narok County will enhance women’s participation in decision-making on matters that affect their day-to-day life.

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International Women’s Day Celebration 2022.

Indigenous Women from Samburu,Narok,Marsabit and Westpokot gathered together at Naramam Resource and knowledge centre to celebrate the event.Under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”,Indigenous women were able to be educated on so many issues.



Women groups from Narok South have joined hands in efforts to conserve the environment and address issues of climate change. The women say they were worst hit by the scarcity of rain caused by deforestation activities in the Mau Forest which forced them to walk several kilometers in search of water. Under the umbrella of Paran Women Groups, they have pledged to change the narrative.

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16Daysof Activism 2022 

Violence against women and girls is a common issue in our communities.We believe that if we #UNITE! we can easily end this issue and every woman will enjoy her rights.


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