About Us

Paran Women Group is an Indigenous women group collective passionate about long-term solutions and ripple-effect project results . It was formed by indigenous women and registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and was legally registered in July 2005. Paran is located in Ololunga, Narok south sub county in Narok County a village that inhabited by a population of approximately 60,000 residents of which its membership of 305 spans among the indigenous women and youth hail from. The office is situated in our Paran women resource centre in Ololunga. Paran is a collective of 64 indigenous women groups and was formed to implement its project intervention programs to reduce poverty , strengthen women leadership and environmental governance through socio-economic empowerment initiatives , advocacy, capacity building and training for grassroots indigenous women and youths in general to sustain their socio-economic and livelihood status.


To uplift indigenous women,girls and local communities through conservation,climate change adaptation and mitigation to enhance their livelihoods.


We envision a society where Indigenous women and girls have guaranteed opportunities of development that enables them their right to education, health, livelihoods and social security


our values

Our values are rooted in our belief of collective work, fairness, inclusiveness, gender equality, respect of traditional knowledge.

what makes us different

We are committed to the social ,political and economic empowerment of Indigenous women and youth and the self determine development of our communities. We pride ourselves in collectively addressing our communities' challenges .

Core projects/activities

Our work is primarily focused on indigenous women and youth ;however, we engage with men and boys in the community. Our crosscutting activities are capacity building ,training and advocacy.